Suzanne Kalten Psy.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

For over 25 years, I have been passionately dedicated to helping others just like you. I truly enjoy applying my clinical knowledge, insights, and skills to guide clients through a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, family and marital conflict, coping with health and medical problems, educational and career issues, and personal growth. I consistently provide the support, encouragement, guidance and tools necessary to help clients cultivate insight, resilience, coping skills, value, meaning, purpose, healing, and lasting change in their lives. We are all on a journey and I am honored to walk alongside you as create and navigate your own unique path.

I have been fully licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in NY for over 20 years. I hold advanced degrees in Psychology (Psy.D.) and Philosophical Studies (M.A.), allowing our psychotherapy and work together to be informed and enhanced by a richer, deeper understanding of life and the human condition, and its impact on our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and emotional experiences. This leads to greater insight, wisdom, and self-awareness, true healing, and deep personal transformation.

I am able to cohesively integrate a variety of modalities and theoretical orientations within our therapy, including Cognitive Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Family Systems, Interpersonal, Humanistic/Existential, Solution Focused, Psychodynamic, and Positive Psychology. I have worked with many age groups (children, teens, and adults,), and I have a strong background and extensive experience working with elders, as well.

I have spent decades working with hundreds of clients just like you who are experiencing a wide array of life stressors and life changes. In a warm, supportive, and compassionate manner, I utilize my extensive clinical knowledge and skills to impact and enhance their lives in a positive manner. I genuinely look forward to helping you achieve a richer, more fulfilling life