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Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a researched based, goal oriented, and effective therapy modality that can help people identify and modify negative thoughts and behaviors. The goal is to reframe thoughts which leads to a more optimistic mindset, healthier actions and positive emotions. 

Our thoughts and behaviors are closely aligned and have a major impact on our emotions.  Negative thoughts and behaviors can cause us to be emotionally unhealthy.  CBT teaches you to recognize both patterns in the way you think and act and provides you with tools to change and/or regulate them before they impact your emotions negatively.  By focusing attention to your thought processes you become more aware of the thoughts you tell yourself, positive or negative. Thoughts are sometimes automatic and can include self-talk, criticisms, assumptions, erroneous facts, and incorrect perceptions of your current situation.  A skilled clinician can collaborate with you to set attainable goals, identify unhealthy patterns in thoughts/actions, and teach you how to view things from a different perspective.

Through therapy, you’ll learn helpful concrete skills to apply to your thoughts and behavioral patterns. Our expert clinicians will teach you strategies and tools to help you think and behave differently.  The tools you may learn include psycho-education, positive self-talk, mindfulness, relaxation, journaling, and awareness of thoughts/assumptions. Therapy makes you more aware of the connection between your thoughts, behaviors and emotions.  These techniques can come in handy at work, with a loved one, with your children, and even regulating emotions by yourself.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be modified to the appropriate developmental level and is beneficial for all ages from kids to adults.  At New View Psychology Group, we focus on teaching coping skills and strategies that work best for your unique presenting problem.  Together we work to reach your goals and overcome your obstacles.