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Benefits of Teletherapy for Children & Teens

Teletherapy can be even better than treatment in a brick-and-mortar location for some children and teens

  • Adolescents tend to be quite comfortable online and enjoy this format. They may feel safer sharing when not face to face. We specialize in finding ways to connect with children and teens. Teletherapy can be less intimidating and has been a powerful tool in helping children disclose personal thoughts and feelings.
  • For younger children, teletherapy allows the whole family to be involved.  Thanks to the convenience of teletherapy both parents can learn coping skills and strategies alongside their children. This allows parents to practice the skills learned after session.
  • Teletherapy helps parents apply skills to their everyday life.  By using toys and materials in the home, we teach families to use everyday interactions to promote behavioral change.   Teletherapy is a much more of a “real life” situation.
  • Teletherapy is more familiar and comfortable for children and parents. We all work better when we’re feeling at home, so why not work on therapy techniques from the comfort of your living room?  Some children clam up or become extremely nervous in an office setting.
  • Teletherapy happens on your schedule.  We can offer clients flexible scheduling; your time can change from week to week and we have convenient evening and weekend appointments.
  • For parents, teletherapy reduces the hassle of trying to get an infant or toddler packed up in the car to drive to an appointment.  Multiple this times the number of siblings who are tagging along, and you have a real savings of time and frustration for the parents.
  • Teletherapy eliminates transportation concerns.  Families who do not have access to a vehicle or reliable public transportation often struggle to make it to appointments on time, or at all.
  • Teletherapy reduces missed visits due to illness.  When a child is slightly under the weather, families may hesitate to bring them in for an in-person therapy session.  However, the child may be perfectly fine to participate in a therapy session from home.  No germs spread, and no progress lost due to illness.