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Do you take insurance?

New View Psychology Group is considered an out-of-network (OON) provider and does not accept insurance. However, many insurance plans will provide you reimbursement for mental health services. Typically, insured policyholders with OON coverage will need to first meet a specified deductible after which the insurance plan will reimburse the policyholder 50%-80% of the Usual and Customary Rates (UCRs) for each service provided. For your convenience, New View Psychology Group will submit all insurance claims and assist with any insurance related matters.

How can I learn more about what my insurance covers?

New View Psychology Group would be happy to obtain specific information on your out of network benefits or insurance information can be easily obtained by calling the member services number on your insurance card and speaking with a customer service representative. Information to be obtained include: Do I have OON benefits for outpatient mental health visits, what is my deductible, what percentage of therapy services are covered, and how many visits per year are granted? Please call us to assist at 516-858-2877.

What are your fees?

Please contact the office to discuss current treatment fees.

What is your cancellation policy?

New View Psychology Group is committed to providing all our patients with exceptional care. When a patient cancels without giving enough notice they prevent another patient from being seen. Therefore, we require 24-hour notice to cancel or change an appointment. If prior notification is not provided you will be charged the full amount of your missed session. Please note, insurances companies usually do not reimburse for missed appointments.