Offering Telehealth Therapy Sessions during the Coronavirus.

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Recent research suggests that online therapy services can be just as effective as face to face office sessions.  This form of therapy is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons.  Online therapy makes scheduling easier, more flexible, and can be done from the comfort of your own space.  This option is availability to anyone in New York State. This can include all areas of NYS, even students attending college in the state.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Therapy?

Virtual therapy can be defined as counselling services gotten and conducted through the internet.

During the online therapy session, an expert mental health clinician will work with you to develop a treatment plan and establish treatment goals.  Our clinicians utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a solution focused approach that targets thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We provide a safe virtual space to speak the issues that may be affecting your life while establishing a strong therapeutic relationship.  New View Psychology provides HIPAA compliant online therapy services using a secure client portal.  Some of the benefits of virtual therapy include;


Virtual therapy is very convenient for both parties. Both the client and the therapist are able to conveniently communicate with each other whenever possible. Online therapy takes away the hassle of setting and scheduling appointments.


Virtual therapy is accessible to everyone. It easily overcomes those obstacles usually prevent people from getting therapy. For example, those that are unable to leave their homes or the physically disabled can now get access to therapy without inconveniencing themselves.


Because there’s usually no direct, face to face contact, clients may feel more comfortable and express themselves better without concerns for bias of physical appearance, size, gender or race. This may make them more honest, thereby making self-disclosure more valid.

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