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Social skills are behaviors that are used to effectively communicate with other people. They are ruled by attitudes, cultures, and beliefs. They aren’t constant and consistently change throughout our lives.  In order to function in daily life and maintain appropriate social connections one must have social competence.   

Social Competence comes with the mastery of skills such as: 

  • Initiating conversations
  • Greetings
  • Appropriate eye contact 
  • How to behave in specific social and community settings
  • Understanding emotions and facial expressions
  • Gestures and body language 
  • Assertiveness
  • Empathy

Keeping in view the significance of social skills, individuals who struggle with certain mental health diagnoses may have difficulty navigating the social world.  That is why at New View Psychology group, our clinicians can help guide you through social skills training.  Social Skills Training is a kind of psychotherapy that uses behavioral techniques to help you respond and react to the social world around you.  Our trained clinicians utilize behavioral rehearsal, corrective feedback, instruction, positive reinforcement, and weekly homework assignments. 

Our goal is to help clients to become competent communicators by better understanding  verbal and non-verbal cues, learning assertive communication, practicing active listening, accepting and giving compliments, and overcoming social anxiety.  The more practice and training the better the outcome.