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At New View Psychology group we are committed to helping our clients see life from a new perspective and overcome their obstacles.

Anxiety disorders can require a wide range of treatment options. New View clinicians work with clients through a number of methods, such as cognitive therapy, which helps people identify, challenge and neutralize their troubling thoughts. Behavioral therapy, including exposure therapy, is another useful approach we use to help people confront their fears and engage in activities they have been avoiding.

Signs of Anxiety

  • Worrying too much about everyday things
  • Trouble controlling worries
  • Awareness that your level of worry is more than what’s considered normal
  • Trouble relaxing
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Startling easily
  • Sleep disturbances

New View Psychology, is a group of expert mental health practitioners who specialize in treating children, adolescents, and adults using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  CBT is research based, goal oriented, and considered the most efficacious method to treating a wide range of emotional and behavior difficulties, including anxiety and related mood disorders.   Using CBT, our therapists work with clients on examining thought processes and maladaptive behaviors to help them reach their goals and live more meaningful lives.

Our clinicians personalize treatment plans to meet each client’s unique needs, integrating components of mindfulness, communications skills training, social skills training, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and more.  Our goal is to provide a supportive, non-judgmental collaborative environment where we can work with clients to reach their goals and overcome obstacles that have been holding them back.


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Anxiety, Panic & Disorders

Anxiety triggers many different “fight-or-flight” neurotransmitters which can in turn trigger the release of relaxation hormones. This can lead to a decrease in energy, constantly feeling tired and can also lead to Panic Attacks and Depression.

Child Anxiety

Emotions such as fear and worry are commonly experienced by children and adolescents as a normal part of maturing. But when these emotions get in the way of your child’s daily life and disrupt his or her routine, this could be a sign of an anxiety disorder.

Women’s Issues

Becoming a mother can be a difficult, confusing and overwhelming experience for some women. A time that is supposed to be one of the happiest can become a time filled with depression and anxiety. While most new mothers experience the baby blues.

Special Education Consultation

Navigating the world of Special Education can be challenging.  You want an advocate who not only understands your concerns, but also knows Special Ed law. A good advocate at your CPSE/CSE meetings reduces stress and puts you at ease.

Founder, Dr. Melissa Tillman

Licensed Clinical and Certified School Psychologist

Melissa A. Tillman is the founder of New View Psychology Group and is a licensed clinical and school psychologist.  She specializes in providing individual cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness strategies for a range of social emotional challenges for both children and adults.  Prior to opening New View Psychology Group, Dr. Tillman practiced as a school psychologist on long island and was a member of a private practice specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders.  …more

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Our approach is based in a Cognitive Behavioral therapy model, which has demonstrated effective for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, emotional regulation issues, lack of communication skills, and relationship problems.

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