Danielle Lewis Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist with a subspeciality in Nuero-psychology

Danielle Lewis is an engaged and empathetic psychologist dedicated to the healing and well-being of her clients. Her client-centered approach focuses on an assortment of evidence based therapies including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Positive Psychology therapies. She also incorporates stress and anger management techniques and mindfulness into her practice.  As a lifelong learner, Danielle stays up to date with the latest therapeutics to ensure her patient receive the best care possible.

Danielle’s inquisitive nature and sincere desire to assist others in overcoming hardships associated with mental health led her to double major in psychology and philosophy as an undergraduate student at St. Johns University. Danielle graduated Magna Cum Laud and was granted the John B. Murry award for service to the greater community for her work in educating differently abled individuals at the college level.

Danielle entered graduate school for Psychology at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Dr. Lewis was awarded with a Teaching Fellowship and became an adjunct professor at Queens College in 2007. Her graduate research focused on the neurological mechanisms of learning and behavior.  Dr. Lewis published several papers based on her extensive research in reputable scientific journals including Brain and Behavior Research, Brain Research, and Neuroscience Letters.

Danielle graduated with a Doctorate in Psychology, specializing in Neuropsychology, in the Spring of 2013. After graduation she went on to work as an adjunct professor at Long Island University C.W. Post, which allowed her to continue to spread her adoration and respect for the field of psychology to a younger generation.

Dr. Lewis is experienced in family, child, adolescent, and adult counseling, as well as psychological and neuropsychological testing and parent training. Danielle collaborates with her patients to create practical, solution-based treatments for them to achieve their therapy goals and lead more positive, happy lives.